Do Not Feed The Pigeons

In a coach station, around 2am, a collection of lonely and tired travellers are waiting for the coach. Somehow, in that cold and depressing place, the resident pigeons manage to create a magical connection between them for a beautiful instant. TECHNIQUE Painted canvas and paper cut outs in a 3D set CREDITS Director - Antonin Niclass Producer - Jordi Morera Writer - Vladimir Krasilnikov Editor - Lorene Dewett Composer - Fabio Amurri Sound Designer - Joe De-Vine Production Manager - Jodie Ferguson Production Coordinator - Toni Winston Cinematographer - Taylor Shulin & Rui Jiang Ong Lead Animators - Shirel Lebovich & Ollie Griffiths Production Designer - Eve Finnie Lead Puppet Maker - Agatha Roudaut VFX Supervisor - Pietro Abati & Aman Arora VFX Producer - Jake Calcutt Colourist - Alex Coveney

Backstage photos